It all began with a simple wildflower, sprouting from a crack in the pavement. Then once I stopped and paid attention, I started to see more and wanted to know more. Flowers give rise to a deep connection between my body and heart. My desire to deepen the understanding of flowers beyond displaying them in a vase has moved me to embark on this journey with the powerful magic of flowers. This journey is to study and use flowers as medicine. To express their meanings, folklore and health benefits beyond their beauty. To incorporate them into celebrations, workshops, hikes and your home. To ultimately understand and share with you the meaning of flowers to set an intention with and to heal.

Alyson Brown, Flower Alchemist, and Proprietress of Wild Folk Flower Apothecary. 


Alyson uses the powerful magic of flowers to craft refreshing products for the body and soul. Wild Folk was developed after years of independent research of flowers while seeking plant-based products that could aid in multiple facets of daily life. Each product is infused with flowers - both physically and literally - and is carefully developed to express the symbolic resonance of flowers.


Alyson has hosted workshops teaching diy methods to craft botanical creations infused with the symbolic resonance of flowers, worked locally with The Central Oregon Wildflower show to collect and identify wildflowers and sells her creations nation-wide. 


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