Wild Folk is about Celebrating the Flower-Infused Lifestyle! We'd love to be a part of your event whether we set up a workshop or cater a flower-infused party.


Here are just a few ways in which we can bring our love of flowers to your space. Inquire for more details!

Enjoy a special meal honoring the delights of edible flowers. Each dish or drink is garnished or prepared with a flower, organically grown and safe to eat. 

Sip, Taste & Enjoy

Discover the wonderful world of flowers beyond displaying them in a vase.

Create Art with Flowers

We bring our love of mixology and custom cocktail creation to your event! With signature cocktails and seasonal specials sure to please anyone.

Flower-Infused Cocktails

Explore the symbolic and therapeutic properties of flowers by creating your own custom bath blend from my flower apothecary.

Soaking with Flowers


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