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My Wild Folk : Katie Brandow

This week in the #MyWildFolk series, I've interviewed Katie Brandow, education worker and wellness advocate. Follow along on with this tulip-wearing babe's journey via her instagram.


Who are you, and what do you do?

I’m Katie Brandow and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker by education and I wear many hats. Most importantly, I’m a mom of two daughters who inspire me daily to be my best self because I know they are watching and that my example and attitude will impact their future. I founded School of Enrichment, Inc. 12 years ago, which provides unmatched, research based early childhood education programs, focusing on social-emotional development for students in Central Oregon. Three years ago I opened a virtual franchise with Isagenix where I support people, mostly moms, with their health and wellness goals. I never expected to own either of the businesses that I do!

What do you love most about what you do?

Being an entrepreneur has highs and lows, but the ability to be in charge of my own destiny and wear yoga pants on the regular are huge perks.

What songs do you jam to while working?

My music really depends on my mood! If I’m super mellow, I ask our devise to play “chill study beats” and if I’m dancing while I work, I’m all about J. Cole and Drake. My music may make you blush.

Where do you escape to when you’re not working?

I love to travel and adventure near and far, although because I love my work, I often work while I travel. I’m grateful to have built a life I don’t feel I need to escape from. Our family always learns and grows though travel, so it is one of the best gifts I can give our girls. If I need an escape, you’ll find me at target alone, or maybe the grocery store. I love shopping solo!

If you were a flower, what kind of flower would you be and why?

If I were a flower I’d be a tulip that could hibernate every winter and be reborn ever spring.

Tell us your favorite self-care practices:

My mental and physical health depends on my workouts and nutrition. If I’m sedentary or not eating right, everything is off for me. I love to plan our dinners, grocery shop and make food for our family. I’m better at working out and eating right when I’m helping others do the same. Accountability makes me a better person and helps me take good care of myself. And, solo trips to Target.

If you could go back in time, where did your high school self think you’d be now?

Back in the day, I truly thought I’d be able to end the need for foster care in the US. I believed that every child would be adopted or reunified and that I’d be personally responsible for this. Not to kill the surprise, but that didn’t happen. After 13 years working as a social worker in foster care, I quit. It was a hard world to be a part of. I did know early on that I’d be a mom, and I’m so grateful that at age 24 I had no idea what I was getting in to because I probably would have waited to start a family, but I am so glad that we had our girls when we did and that we get more of our life with them!

What Wild Folk products do you use and what are you most looking forward to trying?

I’m all about that arnica… and need a recommendation for what to try next! I work out a lot and my daughters are both athletes so the arnica is a game changer!

What do you love the most about yourself?

I’m a problem solving machine! I think outside of the box and optimistically see the sunny side of any situation as well as the solution. I have to make myself remember to acknowledge the problem before jumping to the solution.


Thank you so much, Katie! Would you, or someone you know be a great fit for the #MyWildFolk series? Send us an email at hello @ wildfolklore . com.

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