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Hi friends! Welcome to the new site for Wild Folk Flower Apothecary. I'm happy you're here.

Where it all began...

I started Wild Folklore almost a year ago with the intention on sharing my love for flowers with anyone who wanted to learn. I really had no idea where this journey would take me but had plans. And I knew they involved flowers.

For years I’ve studied flowers. I learned to identify the wild ones and which ones had medicinal and therapeutic benefits I could utilize. Soon I started paying attention to how they made me feel. Why did I love cornflower or violets so much and what made me shy away from heather or dandelions?

That feeling I had resonated with with a powerful force that I knew I must deepen my understanding of flowers.

I hosted a few workshops and pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I planned a solstice dinner in my backyard, among the trees, where we wore flower crowns and ate a delicious meal I prepared with edible flowers. I celebrated the moon, it’s rhythms and how it moved my actions. I felt feminine energy like I’d never before. And now, here I am. Enlightened. Open-hearted. Deep into my passion for flowers, and hungry for more. 



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