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Dark Matter Celestial Aromatherapy Oil

  • DARK MATTER CELESTIAL ANOINTING OIL is a courageous blend for strength. Jasmine speaks of love and evokes positive feelings. Palo Santo is known for it's cleansing properties similar to Sage. It's energy, when combined with Jasmine, has the power to clear negative energy and restore calm, all the while strengthening the soul. DARK MATTER CELESTIAL ANOINTING OIL has an intoxicating floral scent combined with the magical scent of woodsy incense. 


    CRAFTED WITH: a courageous combination of jasmine, palo santo, sandalwood & cedarwood essential oils, blended with apricot oil.    


    TO USE: Use daily on wrists or neck to feel more present and to give strength to face your darkness.


    15ml. For external use only.